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We understand that all companies are unique, which means that they have different needs. Our integral solutions are compatible with all industries and business models, so your company can take the leap into intelligent enterprise.

Why implement SAP S/4HANA?

Created with the future in mind, SAP S/4HANA is the new version of SAP ERP with added extras: integrated artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

The system enables businesses to compete more effectively in today’s dynamic market through process and operational optimization.

Gain greater functionality by adding new business processes, industry specific processes, create customer and supplier portals, device connection through loT, and more.



Reduce expenditure and time, automate your business processes, and increase operational efficiency.


Grow together: Task-handling capacity increases at the same rate as your business.

User Experience

With SAP Fiori, create easy-to-use custom roles and profiles that help improve productivity.


Visualize, manage and control your business operations at anytime from anywhere.

Customized Reports

Capture what you are interested in visualising.


Process large volumes of data through an in-memory database. Creates customer analytics in seconds for better decision making.

Simplify Processes

Increase your teams productivity with simpler, streamlined processes.


Use SAP S/4HANA from any device with internet conectivity.

Greater Functionality

Maximize SAP S/4HANA use: add and create industry-specific processes, suplier and customer portals, and connect devices via loT.

How does
do it?

We have developed 3 implementation models, that can work with your company starting today. Select the model that fits your requirements and find out the specifics.

Our competitive advantages

Ready-to-use, proven solutions

Solutions completely in Fiori

All inclusive rental model

For SMEs

Competitive investment

How do we help you through the GHI Work Process?

Through our GHI Work Process we help you to successfully achieve the development of your project, accompanying you in each of the following stages.

1. Diagnose

Your company's current status

2. Map out

The ideal strategy inline with your company's needs and objetives

3. Define

An action plan to achieve your objetives

4. Implement

The tight technological solution for you

5. Train

To improve user experience

6. Continuous

To keep your system in top form

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How do we make it even easier?

We know that implementing a Business Management System in your company is a big decision. That's why we created the GHIMPROVE PRE-MOVE methodology, which allows you to give SAP S/4HANA a test drive before taking the plunge.

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